Security Guards and Your HOA

If you live in a community that has a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), you should ask your HOA representatives what they are doing to maintain the safety and security of the residents and homes in your community. If your HOA does not employ security guard companies in order to keep your community a safe place to reside, it is an option they should really consider.

Security Guards and Your HOA

All homeowners should be concerned about their security. Most of us think that we will never be the victim of crime, but it is important to know that no one is immune to crime and that it could happen to anybody. Anyone’s home could be broken into. Anyone could be assaulted when walking to their car at night. Anyone could need the help of a security guard with emergency situations. Security guard companies don’t prevent crime completely from happening, but they are known to be a huge deterrent to crime.

Is there a lot of unwanted traffic in your community?

An HOA could hire security guard companies to operate a gatehouse with a mechanical arm. This will ensure that only the people that should be in your neighborhood, including plumbers, contractors, gardeners, etc. are the only people in your neighborhood who do not live there.

Is there a lot of teenage vandals wreaking havoc in your community?

An HOA could hire security guard companies to be the eyes and ears of the community. If a teenager, armed with a can of spray paint, knows that a community is being patrolled and that there are security cameras watching over the public areas, they are much less likely to get themselves into any trouble.

Has there been some break-ins in your community?

An HOA could hire security guard companies to keep a better eye on the neighborhood and work to prevent any theft. With patrol cars or walking patrols, a security team can keep a neighborhood better protected than one that is without professional security. Knowing there are regular patrols, or knowing that you can call a security guard if you feel threatened, goes a long way toward giving your residents peace of mind.

HOAs are making a big mistake if they are assuming that crime won’t happen in their community. Instead of hoping for the best, they should be working hard to prepare for the worst. A great way to keep the community and residents safe is by hiring security guard companies like Safeway Security Services.