Safeway Security Services offers the most comprehensive Private Investigation Services in Palm Beach, Dade and Broward County. Our services include insurance fraud investigation, workers comp, employee background and screening, surveillance, corporate investigation and undercover investigations.

Insurance Fraud Investigations


Insurance fraud is a frequent occurrence in the US and world wide. This particular crime costs Americans tens of billions of dollars annually since insurance coverage rates rise to counter the loss. Fortunately, Florida Investigations & Executive Protection can help to stop people from committing this crime. To establish insurance fraud, our investigators use various methods. From conducting surveillance on employees who are out on worker’s comp to checking social media pages to help establish fraud.

Employee Background Screening

When you are seriously considering hiring someone, you want to be sure that they are who they say they are and you need to be able to identify people that are potentially harmful. Safeway Security Services helps with employee background screening by searching through national sex offender, criminal backgrounds and other databases. This will allow us to look into any red flags that show up in the background of a candidate. Most importantly, it allows us to alert you about those red flags so you can make the right hiring decision.


Private Investigations


Every smart business owner knows the importance of maintaining a safe workplace. Business owners can’t be everywhere and employees are known to be on their best behavior when management is present. A trained professional can identify risks such as unsafe work practices or drug use. This can cost you money, the loss of intellectual property, and maybe even the loss of your business. If you have a problem with someone on the inside, Safeway can help.


We offer a free security analysis and walk-through. Our Business Development Managers are the best in the business and will be in touch with you ASAP to help with your security needs.


We are hiring armed and unarmed security guards in a number of our markets. Apply today and work for the best security company in the business! We offer fair compensation, on-the-job training, and more.